Tajweed mistakes

Tajweed mistakes

Incorrect reading means not complying with the rules of the Holy Quran.

It has two diversities:

1. Explicit misreading (major or obvious) — اللَّحْنُ الْجَلِيُّ

2. Implicit misreading (minor or not obvious) — اللَّحْنُ الْخَفِيُّ

Explicit mistakes are those which form in words not depending on if a mistake distorts the meaning of a word or not, that is:

1) Substituting one letter to another, for example: ط to ت

2) Substituting one vowel to another, for instance, fathah to dammah or vice versa.

3) Adding or removing a letter or word and so on.

The listed mistakes are prohibited.

Implicit mistakes are those that form in words but do not change the meaning of the word or its form, that is:

1) Incorrect pronunciation of ikhfaa’, dobling, clarity, merging, nasalization.

2) Not extending sounds enough.

3) Not pronouncing a letter firmly enough.

The listed mistakes are undesirable.


1. What is «incorrect reading»?

2. What are the two diversities of the incorrect reading?

3. What are the explicit mistakes of the incorrect reading?

4. What are the implicit mistakes of the incorrect reading?

Explicit mistakes are forbidden since making them is considered to be a sin.

Implicit mistakes are undesirable as they harm the essence and beauty of reading.