There are two letters «ta» in Arabic.

1. Ta-maftuhah (ta-mamduda)

2. Ta-marbutah

Ta-marbutah is the same as the letter «ta» (which is the third letter of the Arabic alphabet) but ta-marbutah looks a bit different. Here is what it looks like:

ــة ة

You can see the separate form of writing ta-marbutah on the left and the final form on the right.

This letter is met only at the end of a word, that is, you will never see it at the beginning or in the middle. Let's have a look at a few words:

Листайте вправо/влево

Ta-marbutah is highlighted in red:

The characteristic feature of this letter is that it can be read as the letter «ta» (ﺕ) and the letter «ha» (ه). This letter is read as the letter «ta» when it is in the middle of a verse (or sentence) and we read it as «ha» when it is located at the end of a sentence.

Let's take a few sentences consisting of two words as an example of that:

Листайте вправо/влево
هُــمَـزَةٍ لُـمَـزَةٍ
humazatin lumazah
صَدَقَــةٌ جَارِيَـــةٌ
sadaqatun jariyah
كَــرَّةٌ خَاسِرَةٌ
karratun khasirah
زَجْــرَةٌ وَاحِدَةٌ
zajratun wakhidah

If you have listened to the audio, then you have noticed that the first ta-marbutah is read as «ta», and the second one at the end is pronounced «ha»