As-Sakt is a short pause with a breath delay when intending to continue the reciting. As-Sakt is marked by a small letter س on top of the last letter of a word after which we should pause. There is a short pause in the Qur'an in four places:

1. Surah Kahf, Ayah 1-2:

وَلَمۡ يَجۡعَل لَّهُۥ عِوَجَاۜقَيِّمًا لِّيُنذِرَ بَأۡسٗا

2. Surah Ya-Seen, Ayah 52:

مِن مَّرۡقَدِنَاۜ هَٰذَا

3. Surah Qiyamah, Ayah 27:

وَقِيلَ مَنۡۜ رَاقٖ

4. Surah Mutaffifin, Ayah 14:

كَلَّاۖ بَلۡۜ رَانَ عَلَىٰ قُلُوبِهِم

The fifth place is permissible however is not necessary:

مَآ أَغۡنَىٰ عَنِّي مَالِيَهۡۜهَلَكَ عَنِّي سُلۡطَٰنِيَهۡ
Surah al-Haqqah, ayahs 28-29

In this case we can make shadda (doubling) and read مَالِي*َهَّ*لَكَ but it is more preferable to make a pause at the letter ـهْ without exhaling according to the rule of as-Sakt.